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Who is Wisdom Tree Technologies?

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Wisdom Tree Technologies LLC is a recently graduated 8a, Native-American, and Service Disabled Veteran owned company headquartered in Murray, Kentucky.

Wisdom Tree serves the defense, law enforcement, national security, inter-agency, special operations, and corporate communities.

Working hand-in-hand with our customers, we provide innovative solutions to difficult problems, earning our reputation for forward thinking by the manner in which we deliver our solutions. Our team is in the business of working with customers to manage change for the future, and focusing on customer requirements to meet or exceed their expectations.

Wisdom Tree Gives Back!

Wisdom Tree Technologies (WTT) LLC. is dedicated to supporting our local and national communities via charitable organizations. Specifically, we are proud to support a myriad of non-profit, community-based organizations that contribute to the quality of life for the citizens in our local and national communities. WTT is a staunch supporter of programs such as the Shop with a Cop program that promotes the local, state, and national well being of our fellow citizen.

In addition to the Shop with a Cop program, this company sponsors, Junior Achievement, Special Olympics, Project Graduation, Youth Sports Activities, local educational activities, and various other community assistance programs.

WTT supports Native American Relief activities in an effort to provide tribal and individual Native American youth, with much needed quality of life assets, educational opportunities and positive role models.


WTT is an avid supporter of Disabled and Homeless Veterans organizations. Such as the VFW, the DAV, and many more at the local and state level.


WTT also actively supports community sports programs for underprivileged youth which allows those who would not otherwise be able to, to participate in team sports and year-round structured youth mentoring programs. These programs provide necessary fees, equipment rental, and coaches/mentors.

Collectively, these and other similar programs, strive to increase the mental, physical and emotional character of our communities’ most at risk demographics and enforce a path of life-long achievement, team participation, and healthy respect for our nation’s way of life. Working together, we can and are, making a difference.

                                                   Wisdom Tree Gives Back!

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